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Motor Insurance

PRODUCTS & SERVICES Motor Insurance The statistics of road accidents in India is alarming. Even an experienced driver is not impervious to the perils of driving. A motor insurance not only covers personal damages, but also the costs arising from damages to third party. Vehicles are among the heaviest investments of an individual. For a […]
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Health Insurance

PRODUCTS & SERVICES HEALTH INSURANCE Studies reveal that in spite of growing inflation rates clubbed with upsurge in healthcare costs, 70% of Indians are yet to opt for any sort of insurance cover protecting them against hospitalization expenses. It’s shocking to know that in a fast developing country like India, people are still being ignorant […]
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Fire Insurance

PRODUCTS & SERVICES FIRE INSURANCE The Standard Fire & Special Perils (SFSP) Insurance, designed to cover loss or damage to Buildings, Plant & Machinery, Tools, Instruments and accessories, Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings, Electrical Installations, Stocks in trade including work in progress, etc due to Fire and Act of God perils. This policy is vital for […]
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Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance Marine Insurance Marine Cargo Insurance covers for any loss or damage to goods in transit by rail, sea, post or air. Owners or bankers of goods in transit/shipment can insure the goods. Usually, the following goods are insured. export and import shipments goods in transit by rail sea road air or post goods […]
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